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The Once and Future King

This is one of very few books I have stopped reading because I didn't like it. After about fifty pages I started reading in "quick-mode" but I still only made it through the first part. Well, I still have the book so I might bring it with me on some longer trek where I have nothing else to read. Some books are hard to get in to, but definitely worth it once you're through them.

It's mainly stuff like this that make me sigh and put the book down for good

Merlyn, sitting with his back to all the athleticism, was practising a spell which he had forgotten. It was a spell to make the sergeant's moustaches uncurl, but at present it only uncurled one of them, and the sergeant had not noticed it. He absent-mindedly curled it up again every time Merlyn did the spell, and Merlyn said, "Drat it!" and began again. Once he made the sergeant's ears flap by mistake, and the latter gave a startled look at the sky.
This makes me think of Harry Potter and the bonbons with every flavour or however the phrasing was. And I didn't like that either.

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