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The Image Men

Two academics (Dr. Tuby and Prof. Saltana) sets up a Institute of Social Imagistics to study and analyse the use of "images" in politics, mass-media, etc. They do this honestly but are often treated with suspicion, or even as charlatans. As the story is told both of them are brutally honest and quite competent, and people seem either to love them or hate them. I'm not a big fan of "credibility", but I find this book to be very uncredible in a disturbing way. Most persons come off as very one-dimensional and not very believable.

Buregss writes as a conclution of his review that: "It lacks ambiguity, fine writing, the poetic touch, but it is honest, vital, even thoughtful. It is also, which too many admired novels are not, vastly entertaining." I can agree with "honest, vital, even thoughtful" but I have to cancel the "vastly entertaining".

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