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Lucky Jim

This is probably the funniest book I have ever read. Now, I usually don't laugh outright when I read books, but Lucky Jim is a marked exception to that. It's especially the descriptions of situations and people that are exceedingly funny. On the whole, Lucky Jim is very funny, but the better parts of it are just hilarious.

The excerpt below is from taken from the end of the book when Dixon makes a public reading of a paper. Dixon is very drunk, and to begin with he has involuntarily imitated first the Professor at the History Department, and then the Principal of the University. Unable to speak with his own voice he realized ...

Within quite a short time he was contriving to sound like an unusually fanatical Nazi trooper in charge of a book-burning reading out to the crowd excerpts from a pamphlet written by a pacifist, Jewish, literate Communist.

Great book!

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