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Another Country

This is one a very few books on the Burgess99 which I didn't like. The funny thing is that I started reading this book some five years ago, but only made it to about one third. When I finally read it now I found the third I had read before quite good, but the other two thirds as boring as I earlier had found the first third, if you follow me. Maybe I would like all of it if it read it again. That, however, is something I'm not going to do.

Follow the life of Rufus, Vivaldo, Richard, Cass, Eris, Yves, Ida, and probably some more I have already forgotten.

So, what wasn't I didn't like? Well, needledd to say I don't know much about liberal life in the USA in the early sixties, but it all still seemed kind of "made up". For example, most men in the book are bisexual (and they really are) but the women show no such tendencies. Then, I can understand the whole "white vs. black" thing, but I don't learned anything from Another Country — it's all just lots of "your white and I'm black and we will neven understand each other".

Another thing that annoyed me was how quickly time passed sometimes. People lit a cigarette, said a few short things, and then put it out just to lit another one again. I had the feeling they couldn't have smoked more than a few draws. The same thing happened when Ida cooked for Vivaldo — she started boiling rice, then they talked for what seemed to be three minutes before the rice was done. A detail perhaps  . . .

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